We have several part time coaches at GASC, headed by Walter Scott, 3 lead coaches and other swimming teachers/coaches.

The club is run by a committee which is elected at an Annual General Meeting, usually held in February.   The Committee comprises of parents of swimmers, adult swimmers and the parents of former swimmers who have retained an interest in helping the club. 

The Committee meets each month at Grangemouth High School. There are approximately 15 people on the Committee, all of them needed to run a swimming club of this size. 

Everyone on the Committee has more than one job so there are always a number of vacancies on the Committee, so if you are interested in assisting, please let us know - you can be co-opted at any time of the year.

Some details on the current Coaches, Teachers and Committee Members are shown below.

Walter Scott - Head Coach

Val Holmes - Lead Coach

Paul Forrest - Lead Coach

Hazel McMeekin - Lead Coach

Caroline Calvert - Coach

Steven Clelland - Coach

Jake Love - Apprentice Coach

Frank Maguire - Coach

Allison Meikle - Coach

Kirsty Moore - Coach