Grangemouth Sports Complex Re-opening

Hello Everyone,
I’m delighted to be in a position (at last!!) to let you know that we have been given the date of 28 September for the reopening of the Grangemouth Sports Complex.
In advance of this date, we have a lot of work to complete to allow us back in to the water which is currently being undertaken by a wonderful team of volunteers working as our Covid Committee.
Clearly things will be very different when we return to training compared to pre-Covid days, however, we will manage the return in a safe and controlled manner following the guidance of both Falkirk Community Trust and Scottish Swimming.
As part of preparing to get back in the water, we will be communicating with you all and asking you to complete health screening surveys, return to water declarations, member surveys as well as ensuring SASA registrations are up to date. We are also preparing a range of information sessions and briefings all designed to support a safe return to swimming.  We are aiming to have as much of this information available via our website and will be posting frequent updates on Facebook.
Loads to do, but really looking forward to getting our swimmers back in the water and returning to some form of normality.
Keith Waddell
Club President
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